NORFA today

JSC “Norfos mažmena” was established in 1997, and it currently is the most rapidly developing retail chain in Lithuania. The company opened its first store in Vilnius in 1997. In 1999 the shareholders of the company took the decision to pour funds into further development of the retail chain. 43 stores were opened within the period of 2000-2002. Before the close of 2004 the number of the stores totaled 87.

By the end of 2012 132 trade centers were managed by "Norfa" within the whole territory of Lithuania.

“Norfa” stores are categorized into 5 store types – S, L, XL, XXL and Hyper. The type of the store (S stores are the smallest, while the Hyper store is a supermarket) is determined by the size of the store area and the range of the goods. The total area that “Norfa” stores take approximates to 172 871,11 sq.m.

FormatArea of trading hall, sq.m.Shop number
H 5000 m2 4
XXL over 2000 m2 12
XL from 500 to 1500 m2 98
L up 200 to 500 m2 14
S to 200 m2 4

In 2006 “Norfos mažmena“ began opening inovative trade centres based on new conception. In shops equipped upon comfortable style special attention is drawn to not to functionality only but also to interior design. Design of each shop can be considered as unique, developed by individual project. “Norfa“ seeks that each client would be provided with high quality goods and services and also feel aesthetic satisfaction while doing shopping in company‘s trade points. “Norfos mažmena“ is planning to gradually reconstruct its shopsaccording to new conception.

The seat of the company is in Savanorių ave. 176, Vilnius.

Financial results

“Norfos mažmena” and company “Rivona”, controlled by the same ownership and dealing with international logistics, real estate rentals and other type of business, are the only legal holders of the trademarks of “N”, “Sodžius”, “Piemenėlis”, “Riwa”, “Kolumbas”, "Nofis" and "Pieno Rojus".

“Norfa” buyer

In 2004 consolidated investments of “Norfa” enterprise group into acquisition of land, building reconstructions, repairs, constructions, real estate, movables and production equipment totaled 51.312 m Litas.

“Norfos mažmena“ is focused on a practical buyer with a medium income. According to data presented by market research company, AC Nielsen, about 72 percent of “Norfa‘s“ buyers are women. According to AC Nielsen,“Norfa‘s“ buyers are of a middle age.As reported by AC Nielsen, the major part of “Norfa‘s“ buyers are family people.

Customers of “Norfa”

“Norfos mažmena” is oriented towards a practical buyer with an average and higher income. The abundance of goods of the Lithuanian origin in “Norfa” stores, improvement of servicing, efficient discount system and optimal pricing raise the number of constant buyers.

In the recent years “Norfa” succeeded to get acknowledged as one of the most robust and thriving companies in the retail market.

“Norfa” employees

"Norfa Mažmena" employed 3309 people.

The company practices a flexible payment system. The salary of an employee directly relies on his/hers results and achievements.