NORFA today

Established in 1997, Norfos Mažmena UAB is one of the most dynamically expanding retail companies in Lithuania.

In 2014, the product and service turnover of Norfos Mažmena reached LTL 1.712 billion (EUR 496 million) after VAT – 2.49 percent more than in 2013, when the company's sales amounted to LTL 1.670 billion. Before VAT, turnover increased by 2.64 percent: from LTL 1.381 billion to LTL 1.417 billion (EUR 410 million).

Norfos Mažmena is the third largest retail chain in Lithuania based on sales results. 

Norfos Mažmena belongs to the Norfa group, and along with Rivona, a company that operates in the field of logistics, international shipping, real estate rental and other areas, make up the core of this group of companies.

In 2014, the consolidated sales of Norfa group's products and services reached LTL 2.753 billion (before VAT) (EUR 797 million), i.e., 3.09 more than in 2013, when the group's turnover amounted to LTL 2.671 billion.

Norfos Mažmena employs over 3,000 staff. The company uses a flexible salary and employee motivation system, which is continually being improved.

The company's consistent expansion and stable financial results were determined by an abundance of Lithuanian products offered at Norfa stores and an effective discount system. The product range of the Norfa retail chain is predominantly composed of products that offer good value for money. 

The authorised capital of Norfos Mažmena amounts to LTL 12.12 million (EUR 3.51 million).

The Norfa Customer

Norfos Mažmena is oriented at the practical middle income customer. According to market research agency AC Nielsen, 72 percent of Norfa's customers are women. The majority of Norfa's customers are middle-aged family people.

Loyalty Programme

Norfa's loyalty card is one of the most popular in Lithuania. Its discount cards are used by almost 800 thousand customers. Sales with the loyalty cards make up more than three quarters of the company's total turnover. In 2014, Norfos Mažmena gave its regular customers and participants of the Norfa loyalty programme a total of LTL 77.1 million in discounts.

The discount card can also be used in N pharmacies.

UAB Rivona

Rivona is the principal supplier of Norfos Mažmena UAB. The company's sales to Norfa amount to three fourths of all Rivona sales.

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